The Indoor Nature Study

Just a few weeks back, I wrote an article for Heart of the Matter entitled “Getting Rid of the Winter ‘Blahs’ “.     I wrote that article when it was 30 degrees here–as a high.    I now have to laugh at the positioning of myself–even if only briefly–as an expert in winter weather given that we’re […]

Our Pseudo-Winter, and Unplugged Days

I’m in the process of writing an article regarding how to move forward from the I’ve-done-nothing-that-I-originally-planned-to-do-and-winter-is-making-me-miserable blues, and I’ve had a chance to live this article over the last few days.    We don’t see much winter here, but when it does come, we learn how unprepared we are for it.    (Interestingly enough, I read where […]

Parade Fun, and Christmas Thoughts

I mentioned in my last post that the dance center’s performance team marched in two parades this past weekend.    For most team parents, this meant getting the child to and from the parade, and (in many cases) standing on the sidelines to cheer the kid on as they performed.   For us, it also meant walking—all […]