Successful Homeschooling: Know Thyself

For the homeschooling community, this is a very busy time of year.   It is the season in which, after a year or more elsewhere, many are making a decision to homeschool.   Research for all-things-homeschool is at an all-time high; curriculum sales will abound over the next few months as newcomers rush to put […]

5 Common Mistakes that Keep Homeschools from Thriving

Hindsight truly is 20/20.   If we are blessed enough, the Lord moves us from glory to glory, allowing us to reflect upon our past from a place of knowledge, understanding, and peace.   Moreover, His soothing balm of grace and mercy allows us to then gracefully share with others our own missteps in the hopes that […]

Successful Homeschooling: 5 Facts I Wish I’d Known…

In a word, we have been swamped this homeschool year.   Hubby has traveled extensively for work such that I do not have much day-to-day help at home.   The oldest leaving for college means that I lost my at-home driver while Dad’s away.    Our son’s dance activities and college-related activities increased exponentially, meaning that my taxi cab hat is on more often.    […]