Great Fun at the Renaissance Festival














Thanks to Twaddle Me Not for showing me how to get more pics on the blog.  I promise not to get too crazy.


I posted these for anyone in the Texas area or in western Louisiana who can venture to Plantersville, Texas, for the Texas Renaissance Festival (only open in Ocotber and November weekends).   This was our first year and we definitely plan to return.   This is an excellent kinesthetic component for those who are studying the Renaissance era, and there are contests for students, to include art, essay writing and poetry, 1-act plays and even costumes.  They have added three “Education Days”  (complete with curriculum guide when you purchase the tickets) in which the more adult content is not on display.   What remains is a walk backward in time through Europe, complete with games, music, food, and a almost real-life feel of this era of history.   Get there if you can!

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One thought on “Great Fun at the Renaissance Festival

  1. It looks like your kids had an awesome time!

    I’ve seen a few written comments on Lindafay’s blog, and thought I’d come and check out your blog and see “who” you are.


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