And Puppy makes Seven

Well, to say that I’m making adjustments in the last week-and-a-half  would be an understatement.   We began school on last week, and I’ve already blogged about my lack of preparedness (from my perspective) as we start the new school year 3 weeks before I was ready.     Blog?    Tweet?   Who has time?

I had to make another adjustment as well.     It occurs to me that we had become totally adjusted to our 11-year-old beagle, whose biggest activity is to go out and use the bathroom, or bark at the UPS and FedEx trucks.      After a summer of mild refusal, then a “we’ll see” type of consideration, we succumbed to the pressure of the children and brought this little lady home.


This is Ginger, the newest addition of our family.     Currently, she is ten weeks old, not house-broken, and very active.     Right now, our beginning school has been overshadowed with running to the backyard to avoid accidents, trying to toddler-proof our home from the many things that Ginger likes to put in her mouth, and just managing the chaos of this busy little Golden retriever in our home.    She plays so very hard until, every now and then, she also does this.



When she is asleep, the household has its usual level of activity.     Our younger two, as one example of many, decided that they would practice a few dips and turns as dance partners.



 Oh, well.     At least, amidst all of her busy-ness, Ginger can also slow down and be a great comforter.



Yes, we did get a puppy 1-2 days before beginning our new school year.     Yes, I am the craziest mom on this little rock we call Earth.  

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15 thoughts on “And Puppy makes Seven

  1. Oh, but she is soooo cute!
    Now you’ll know what my homeschool days are like with little bundles of energy about and potty training, too.

    Hope the little one is okay and her glasses were fixable 🙂

  2. Congrats on the new addition! Haven’t stopped by in a while. I have lots of catching up to do in Blog Land. I’m just REALLY returning this week. Your blog look fabulous! I love the family pics! Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Thankfully, the glasses caught the worst part of the dip that dipped too far (smile). She was fine after an ice pack, but with all the activity of the new puppy, it couldn’t have happened at a more inconvenient time. As I’ve heard, all’s well that ends well.

  3. Hello! I saw your post on the homepage and followed it. Your puppy is adorable! Best of luck to you guys getting everything going and working with puppy. 🙂

  4. Not sure how many other blogs I clicked through and came up here but glad I found you.
    I started laughing about the dog because we keep saying we are going to get a new golden when we start school and our schedule becomes more normal. I guess we are just as crazy but it didn’t make sense to get one while trying to travel and hike and do summer activities.

  5. I don’t think you are crazy at all. About six years ago we got TWO puppies at the same time for our children. Now THAT is crazy. LOL

    You will love that little puppy and she will be a blessing for your family. Your children will learn so many things from the responsibilities of caring for and training your puppy. I would suggest that you either get a good dog training guide and study and apply it diligently, or take the kids and go to some obedience classes through your local pet store or a trainer in your area. We learned that hard way that it is a necessity to train your dog well if you want them to obey you. We were oblivious when we got our dogs, but as much trouble as we have had from time to time (through our own fault and not the dogs’) we still love them and wouldn’t trade them for anything.


  6. What exactly happened w the bent glasses and ice on the eye! LOL looks like the craziness of my house! LOL The new addition to the Bullard clan is BEAUTIFUL!

  7. uh oh…(speaking as a puppy owner myself)…well, now for SURE you’ll never hurt for blog topics or tweets. And we can trade notes! 🙂 Just one more thing to tie us together, friend!

    Keri Mae

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