God’s Amazing Hand, No Matter Where you Are

I am so excited!!! If you have opportunity, please stop by Phyllis’ blog and see once again the amazing hand of God.   Phyllis is one of a few of my blogging buddies who’ve lost homes in this past year.   We’ve been in regular prayer for her, and when I showed my husband her story, we both just sat in awe […]

Bright Lights from Sunday School, and Thanksliving

  I missed my personal deadline for the weekly homeschool wrap-up.  I could still write it, but there is a point when the weeks begin to run together for me.   Not to mention that I have all of these ideas flowing through my head, and because I don’t stop to write them down, I can […]

Shots from our Vacation Bible School 2009

Our kids said that this year at VBS was the best ever!    The theme was “Crocodile Dock,” but as Louisiana is a close neighbor, we had a Cajun twist (even though Louisiana is more notorious for alligators).    I thought the efforts to transform our family life center into a real, live Louisiana swamp were tremendous […]