From the simple to the crazy, and some thoughts in between

When I began writing this on Saturday, I had a very simple agenda.    I wanted to focus on getting out one set of grades and the Sunday School lesson.   With that done, on Sunday I could focus on the oldest’s prom dress.  BUT…the kids danced on Friday night—late, like midnight—at a local outdoor event.    (Sorry […]

To Coastal Texas for Missions and Mayhem

 In an ideal homeschool world, I love to take in-the-moment field trips that correspond with whereever we are in our studies.   But, with medieval history coming to a close for us and that trip I want to take east (Philadelphia, New York, D.C.) becoming increasingly illusive right now, what I wanted immediately was simply a […]

Oh, the places you’ll go…

Life has been far too busy to stop and blog about it.   I have missed writing; somehow, regurgitating old articles to place in new locations doesn’t replace the catharsis of penning my head and heart in a “now” moment.    Though I stopped in on a few of you, overall, I missed checking in on my blog buddies.   […]

Customer Question: What to Expect from Narrations

I absolutely love my customers.    There are a number of items that I need to complete, inclusive of much prayer, in order to grow the business into all that it could be.    I often find myself repenting for disobedience when God speaks through one of my customers, and I procrastinate in doing what He says […]

What do you use to learn other periods of history?

The “Our History, HIS-Story” series and the upcoming “This Far by Faith” (ready in June 2006!) are designed to give students a Christian perspective, as well as a multicultural perspective, on American history.  I have been asked what types of products are available for studying other periods of history with the same perspective in mind.   One of […]