From the simple to the crazy, and some thoughts in between

When I began writing this on Saturday, I had a very simple agenda.    I wanted to focus on getting out one set of grades and the Sunday School lesson.   With that done, on Sunday I could focus on the oldest’s prom dress.  BUT…the kids danced on Friday night—late, like midnight—at a local outdoor event.    (Sorry […]

What We’re Reading–March 2011

  Why would I sit and read individually with kids who already read? There are numerous reasons, from helping with interpretation and larger vocabulary, to increasing comprehension through the right emphasis and inflection of voice, to monitoring pace and making sure the books are read, not skimmed through.   However, the real reason that, after 7 […]

Oh, the places you’ll go…

Life has been far too busy to stop and blog about it.   I have missed writing; somehow, regurgitating old articles to place in new locations doesn’t replace the catharsis of penning my head and heart in a “now” moment.    Though I stopped in on a few of you, overall, I missed checking in on my blog buddies.   […]