Great Book, but What Does it Mean?

Less than a week ago, I did something that I have not done in years: I watched a televised music awards show.   Overall, I see why a lot of top 40’s hit music does not appeal to me, but I also cringe at the messages sent by many of these artists, many of whom […]

With 2 Days to Go…(Our school in 2012-2013)

    2 days to go. We are exactly that far away from the beginning of our school year.  Where, oh, where did our summer break go?  I have most of our plans in order, but I’m definitely behind where I like to be by this time in the summer.    The biggest deterrent to finalizing anything is […]

Helping a Reluctant Reader to Enjoy Books

I’ve been busy leading a mini-workshop at church for the past couple of weeks.   With Dad gone and our church a bit far from home, the kids have had to tag along and busy themselves while I’m teaching.   A dear member and  friend noticed that the girls occupied themselves with books, and began her lament […]