Notebooking the (Homeschool) Day Away

One of my favorite blog-hopping activities is to check out certain blogs and get ideas, especially from kinesthetically (hands-on) oriented bloggers.   As a visual learner, I sometimes forget to add in components to our day that allow the busy little hands that belong to our youngest a chance to move! There are homes that thrive […]

Our School in a Notebook

Not too long ago, I read a great article from a friend on recognizing and recuperating from homeschool burnout.    I’ve had that season in my life, but what struck me in reading through her post this time was a quote from Miss Charlotte Mason: The object of children’s literary studies is not to give them precise […]

Wednesdays, aka Dinosaur Days

For the lion’s share of this semester, Wednesday has been “Dinosaur Day.”   At least, that’s what the 5-year-old calls it.   This is the one day of the week that we put aside all of our books (well, at least our phonics studies–will I ever learn?) and have a bit of fun with science.   I found […]