“We Homeschool, Too” Series: When Dad is in Charge

My “We Homeschool, Too” series featuring families who homeschool in a non-traditional environment (i.e., something other than a 2-parent home where mom is the primary educator) will, unfortunately, fall short of the initial vision. It’s okay; people get busy and have other priorities. In the meantime, you can see the previous posts using these links: […]

“We Homeschool Too” series: When Mom Works Nights

This is the first of a series of posts I call, “We Homeschool, Too,” written for those families who might be considering homeschooling, but sitting on the proverbial fence because they don’t see familial situations that match their own. Additionally, though many would-be homeschoolers face similar dilemmas, I believe that because of the history of […]

Building Strong Community

I posted a picture on Instagram not long ago with the following caption: ’26 years of marriage. Most days chicken, some days feathers, but one of my heart’s joys is that he still loves to hold my hand.’ It was a random pic, but my followers enjoyed it. A few even thought it was our […]