Building Strong Community

I posted a picture on Instagram not long ago with the following caption: ’26 years of marriage. Most days chicken, some days feathers, but one of my heart’s joys is that he still loves to hold my hand.’ It was a random pic, but my followers enjoyed it. A few even thought it was our […]

Homeschooling: the How to Live Decision

This was originally posted in January of 2014.  So many families underestimate the decision to homeschool and its impact on every aspect of how the family lives and breathes, so I thought it might be a good time to share–again–our own testimony.   ‘Homeschooling is a how-to-live decision not a how-to-learn decision’ was the title […]

Helping Your Children Answer the “Normal” Homeschooling Questions

It occurs to me, especially now with older children who are increasingly away from mom and dad, that a bit of education is needed to prepare our children for those who make automatic assumptions about them once our educational choice becomes a part of the conversation. Homeschooling no longer exists under the hide-your-children-inside-until-after-school-hours paradigm where […]