The Eye Opener: Our Partnership (?) with the Public School

 October is winding down, and we’ve finally gotten our first taste of fall here.    There’ve been a number of firsts in the last few months, and perhaps as memorable as any has been our first interaction with the public school system.      The oldest is now beginning the season of college preparatory exams before entering that phase of […]

The busiest summer–(until next year)

Unless the Lord says differently, this has been/ will be our summer: Weeks 1 and 2: preparation for this year’s dance recital Week 3:  oldest in class for PSAT review Week 4 (this week): oldest away at camp Week 5:  oldest in class for PSAT review, part II  Week 6: son at National Dance competition […]

A Rose by any other name…

Would it smell as sweet?   I was reminded of this famous Shakespearean line when I read through a fairly recent discussion that, after polling the names of group members’ homeschools, suggested that names might indeed make a difference.    More specifically, the concern was that Christian homeschool names might be suspect at non-Christian colleges.   The […]