Learning about Learning Styles

I can always count on Kysha for inspiration.    After hearing Sally Clarkson speak at the HOTM Conference, and then reading her post on learning styles, I went back to one of my homeschool favorites, Educating the Whole Hearted Child, to re-read and see what I might learn. When I was first introduced to learning styles […]

Doing Things, But What?

‘ “I think I like that man,” Janus observed.  “Never had  much to do with high-minded teachers since I was a kid, but he means business.    I thought teachers just talked, but he doesn’t fool around with the words.   He goes and does things.‘ (emphasis mine) Meindert Dejong, The Wheel on the School, pg. 162 […]

The busiest summer–(until next year)

Unless the Lord says differently, this has been/ will be our summer: Weeks 1 and 2: preparation for this year’s dance recital Week 3:  oldest in class for PSAT review Week 4 (this week): oldest away at camp Week 5:  oldest in class for PSAT review, part II  Week 6: son at National Dance competition […]